understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I just want to charge you tonight with such realization of the Authority and the Power that you have to draw this Perfection of the Sacred Fire from Our Octave into your world, to produce here such manifestations as mankind has never yet beheld, but which are to come into this World. You can live in this in your own individual experiences until such time as the outer world is completely purified. But until then, there is no reason you should not enjoy Our Perfection, because We love you. Our Love has designed Perfection for you. Our Love has given you Part of Our Lives.

That Sacred Fire abides within you, and that is your Authority of Mastery over manifestation, whether it be in this World or when you come into Our World. It is Our Authority of the Sacred Fire in your own brain structure, and it is the Authority of your “Blessed I AM Presence” in your own Heart Flame, that is given to the outer self to create or bring or to manifest in the physical octave, the Perfection of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, or the Perfection of Our Octave.

When you give this as much attention as the sinister force gives you, to take away your life and your energy to make it live; when you give Us as much attention as it gives you, We’ll always get rid of it. And I think it’s time! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones.

Now you could have anything and everything in the Universe that is of God, all that is good, when you are determined enough to have it. It all rests within your determination. But when you just wish for a thing, or just hope it will happen, you don’t set up enough magnetic attraction to start the flow of the Sacred Fire by which the thing manifests.

So, I am stimulating tonight, your desire and your determination to live in Our World and experience Our Heaven on Earth.

And when you take the Stand within yourselves to demand the Mastery and the Manifested Power of Our Love, and you demand It teach the outer self about Us, and just let Love do Its Perfect Work, I assure you there will come such Powers into your outer use, there will come such Manifestations in your experiences as can only bring you Joy.

We want you to have that Happiness because that is Our Way of Life. That is the Love We love to give.

So, there are two Activities in producing manifestation. One is to hold the Picture, which is the desire in the feeling world, to love the Picture, contemplate it, and love that Mastery over everything. Just love it with everything you are and have, in the contemplation of the Picture and the Call to your “Presence” through love.

And the other is that fierce, positive, determined force within your feeling world that Our Perfection of the Sacred Fire shall come here, and nothing in this World shall prevent it. And when you say, “Never shall anything oppose that”, My Dear Ones, as I speak the Words, surely you feel the Current! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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