understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It was your use of the Violet Consuming Flame that has brought you Its Blessings. It is your use of the waters of the Planet that bring you their Blessing. It’s your use of electricity that brings you the light. Now if you will use Our Sacred Fire Perfection from Our Octave, which contains Our Divine Plan’s Perfection to bless you for Eternity, if you will use It, you will have It.

But your authority must be absolutely unyielding when you demand your own Master Sacred Fire Control that comes from the Heart Flame of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, or from Its Hand, or from Its Forehead. But the Flame of the Seven Mighty Elohim abiding in your brain structure is the extension of Our Life in you; and therefore, We have the right to design for you Our Ascended Master Perfection, if you will use It. (applause). Thank you so much.

This does two things. When you acknowledge This into yourselves or into your world, you are expanding the Sacred Fire in your own Heart, your forehead, and you are allowing your “Mighty I AM Presence” to expand Its Sacred Fire through you. When you call the Master Sacred Fire Presence of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan for you into physical conditions, you open the Door from your side of Life, and you let flow Our Heaven, to come into manifestation on Earth.

But, if you take this Stand with absolutely unrelenting, fierce, determined feeling that that which is not the Perfection shall not live, and when you are unyielding to that, you exert your dominion over it, you open the Door and let Our Sacred Fire Perfection flood you with the Manifestations from Our Octave, My Dear Ones, there comes into your outer self, into your outer experience, those greater Blessings and the Miracles which must, some day, fill this World.

That helps you to be the builders of the Incoming Civilization that, I assure you, is going to be transcendent beyond words to describe, that will bring Happiness and Blessings of Peace for Eternity, and will glorify everything that the Word “God” means.

Now the day you rise up and are determined that everything in your being and world shall be the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Mastery over everything else, and shall reveal Perfection here that blesses all forever, it’s like ringing a doorbell into Our Octave, and I assure you, We will answer the door.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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