isis unveiled: chapter xv (knowledge is power)

“When we first read that “in the cavity of the cranium of Macroprosopos, the Long-Face, lies hidden the aerial WISDOM which nowhere is opened; and it is not discovered, and not opened”; or again, that “the nose of the ‘ancient of days’ is Life in every part”; we are inclined to regard it as the incoherent ravings of a lunatic.

And when, moreover, we are apprized by the Codex Nazaraeus that “she, the Spiritus”, invites her son Karabtanos, “who is frantic and without judgment”, to an unnatural crime with his own mother, we are pretty well disposed to throw the book aside in disgust. But is this only meaningless trash, expressed in rude and even obscene language? No more can it be judged by external appearance than the sexual symbols of the Egyptian and Hindu religions, or the coarse frankness of expression of the “holy” Bible itself.

No more than the allegory of Eve and the tempting serpent of Eden. The ever-insinuating, restless spirit, when once it “falls into matter”, tempts Eve, or Hava, which bodily represent chaotic matter, “frantic and without judgment.” For matter, Karabtanos, is the son of Spirit, or the Spiritus of the Nazarenes, the Sophia-Achamoth, and the latter is the daughter of the pure, intellectual spirit, the divine breath.

When science shall have effectually demonstrated to us the origin of matter and proved the fallacy of the occultists and old philosophers who held, as their descendants now hold, that matter is but one of the correlations of spirit, then will the world of skeptics have a right to reject the old Wisdom, or throw the change of obscenity in the teeth of the old religions.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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