Grateful Day, Everyone…

Ella Fitzgerald quote 3

“When you feel this Great Power of your “I AM Presence” flow forth, say, “All right, just go ahead”, but to the outer self’s expression say, “Just wait!”, until Its Great Perfection begins surging forth! You will thank Me for that remark I am sure, because then you will know what it means. Now why do I prompt you on that? Not to hold you back, by any means, but so you may avoid these suggestions about which I have been talking to you.

If you put out something which you think – because it is your first expression – is magnificent, and it should not quite be, then there comes back at you the criticism and condemnation of the World! That is why We do not want you to allow these things to go out until you find you are giving forth the Perfect Expression which your “I AM Presence”, through your Higher Mental Body, intends.

Oh, just let it flow! Don’t think you must stop because the first you have given expression to, isn’t accepted by the outer world! Don’t mind that, but just let it flow! Just let it keep flowing; and all of a sudden, when it strikes a certain vibratory action, the whole World will accept it.

There will be thousands among the blessed “I AM” Students who will have that recognition. The Students don’t quite see this, but that is where self-control and governing of this energy comes in!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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