Grateful Day, Everyone…

Stokely Carmichael quote 3

“Saint Germain has thus far done for mankind what has never been done on the face of this Earth! Therefore, I am so grateful for your sake, for the Great Love which is growing for Him among the great number of “I AM” Students from all walks of Life, because it is important! Oh, not that He needs it, but because you need it – because America needs it!

Saint Germain is the Heart of this “I AM” Activity for America, the same as your physical Heart is the Focus of the Light from your “I AM Presence” for your physical body! It has to be so! The Law of Life has made it so! It is not anyone’s particular choice, but the Ray under which He operates compels Him to be the One who is the Heart of Freedom for America. That is why He was Wise enough and Fortunate enough to select from His own Family those he could depend on!

I ask you today, can you with Me just for a moment feel how fortunate you are – Beings who are caught in the Great Radiance of Light drawn forth by the Divine Director from the Cave of Light in India, which for thousands of centuries has been the Purifying Glory of the Mighty Light Activities through the Earth, where thousands of individuals have entered, who have been set free from the limitations of Earth?

You who are right here in the comfort of your own city, are having It brought to you! You are being enfolded in It, when people have sought the Earth over for that Privilege!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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