understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You take this Command with Me:

“Through the Fiery Authority of my ‘Beloved I AM Presence’, which ‘I AM’!” You want to give it with Me? (laughter)

“Through the Fiery Authority of the ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence’, which ‘I AM’, and the Invincible Will of the Ascended Masters’ Perfection of Eternal Love, I demand the Master Sacred Fire Presence of All-Control of everything in my world! ‘I AM’ the Sacred Fire Master Presence! ‘I AM’ the Sacred Fire Master Presence! ‘I AM’ the Sacred Fire Master Presence that forever prevents anything but Perfection in my world!”

Thank you, Precious Ones. Now take that Command, you issue That, and release the energy of your Life and the vibration of your words and feelings into the atmosphere about you.

Then do you know what happens from the Inner standpoint? Your “Beloved I AM Presence” immediately flashes the Sacred Fire into that energy, and then It calls to Us, and We amplify That again, and We can expand That to the degree whatsoever that the condition that you want changed requires.

If I were you, I would, in the secret private Application of your own daily work, acknowledge, “‘I AM’ the Master Sacred Fire here that forbids manifestation that is not the Perfection of the Ascended Host!”

My Dear Ones, if you just take that authority, issue the words and feel that Flame go out, We can move Heaven and Earth to assist you.
I hope you feel what I want to bring to you tonight as Courage, as Strength, as Power, and as the Controlling Authority in this World, that has the right to bring Ascended Master Perfection here!

Now if you are going to master things in this World, you are going to have to use the word “Mastery”. When you say, “‘I AM’ the Sacred Fire Master Control here, and I forbid anything in my world but the Ascended Masters’ Perfection that should be here” – now who of you can tell Me what Ascended Master Perfection should be in your world tonight? Can you tell Me? Well, I know!

Why? Because We have already called forth Our Perfection for you by Our Love, because your love has come to Us by your attention upon Us. We have already designed Perfection for you, and This is what I am asking you to draw into the physical octave to make everything easier for you, to make you more aware of the Master Powers of the Sacred Fire that bring you this greater Perfection.”

Beloved Elohim Orion

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