Grateful Day, Everyone…

Sojourner Truth quote 3

“We try in many ways to give you the Feeling of the Privilege, which is yours, because when you attain to a Certain Point, a Certain Intensity of that, you will find your Complete Release – because only through Gratitude and Blessing do you hold your Armor about you! Since I have touched upon that, may I remind you there has been the constant Call, the constant decreeing for your Armor of Light!

Now you need not answer Me, but I ask you, how many of you sitting in this room, have actually accepted that in your feeling? Think of It! Contemplate It!

Do you know what it means when a Great Presence offers you something and you, in your ability to feel the Reality of that for the moment, think, “Yes, that is wonderful”; but an hour later you feel, “I wonder just what all that means anyway?”  

Observe what it means to hold an acceptance in your feeling of the Most Perfect Thing in Life which is offered to you! The Great Beings of Light have said to you, “according to your acceptance will We clothe you in that Armor of Light which is Assistance to your Call!”

Now how many of you – just be oh, so really honest now for a moment with yourselves – think, “To what degree have I accepted that?” You see! It is Tremendous!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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