understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are limitless Legions of the Diamond-Shining Angels that can come into the lower physical atmosphere of Earth, and nobody can tell Me what moment They might become Visible to all! (applause). Thank you so much.

Since Indestructible Purity is My Service to Life, and the Indestructible Victory of that Indestructible Purity is Power Unlimited, I am willing to give It to anybody and everybody who will call It forth to purify the Nation and help free the Earth and hold it at peace. Then you, of yourselves, must automatically become Free. If you will use It for the Nation and the World, We automatically can lift you out of the clutches of any condition that has been imposed upon you by human creation, no matter what the cause.

So, from tonight, if you will keep acknowledging Our Diamond-Shining Indestructible Purity to come and come and come and possess every condition in the physical world that doesn’t yield Perfection and Purity for Eternity, you will find Us very Tangible; and you will find the Help We give, Invincible for Eternity.

Tonight, We clothe you again in Our Diamond-Shining Miracle Mantle of such Indestructible Sacred Fire Purity from the Great Central Sun, that It will keep you Invincible and lift you out of the discord and out of the connection with discordant conditions, until you make this Call and your own momentum clothes you in a Powerhouse that you can use wherever you abide the rest of Eternity. And We can clothe in whatever helps your Nation and the World as powerfully as possible at this time.

We thank you if you will, of your own Free Will, call This into all outer physical conditions. We will make it plain to the world where the Victory of Light is, who directs It, and who has Its Power to use to control physical conditions, that sets the rest of Life Free; and you will not find Us wanting!

All We ask is that, of your own Free Will, you want Indestructible Purity of Our Sacred Fire Love. Call It into action in and around yourselves; charge everything with Its Diamond-Shining Victory; and let Us have the opening to free the Nation and the World, as quickly as possible, from the desecrating forces that are trying everywhere to destroy and desecrate all the Blessings the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host have placed in this World.

So, from tonight We want to clothe you in Our Armor of the Sacred Fire’s Indestructible Purity from the Great Central Sun, to illumine your way, protect you without limit, and help you to purify the Earth wherever you abide. And if you will cooperate with Us, you will find We can and will fulfill every call, until this World is a Diamond-Shining Presence of Invincible Purity for Eternity, and the Sacred Fire Love has drawn to Itself Its own.

We clothe you in Its Heart Flame; and may Its Almighty, Victorious Presence illumine your way and make you the Diamond-Shining Freedom from all that is wrong, everywhere you abide the rest of Eternity. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Elohim Of Purity

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