Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Jesus quote 11

“I bring you Love and Salutations from many of the Ascended Host – some of whom you know, and Others of whom you are yet to know.

“‘I AM’ the Light, the Way, and the Truth”, is the Christmas Bell that is still ringing throughout the field of Cosmic Activity. In the Understanding that has been brought to you in the meaning and Power of the Words “I AM”, you will find a Charmed Circle in which you may move untouched by human, discordant operation.

It is not only a matter of knowing the Presence, but in practicing the Presence in even the simplest activity; for as you attempt an unfamiliar experience, you many times feel timid and uncertain; but as you learn to use the “I AM” in the solving of your desire or problem, you find growing a confidence that you can apply with a definite assurance.

The students should always understand that it is in the “Great Silence”, or stillness of the outer, that the Inner Power flows in its ever-increasing accomplishment; and soon they will come to know that even as they think their “Mighty Source”, the “I AM”, they will feel an increase of strength, vitality, and wisdom, which will enable them to go forward with a feeling of Mastery that will surely one day open wide the door through the limitations of their human creation, into the Vastness of their True Freedom.” – Beloved Jesus

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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