understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, from tonight, I want you to feel the Power, if you will, of All that Our Love can give, and Our Love can give more than you can comprehend in the intellect.

This which I offer in the Call for Indestructible Purity to come into the feeling of mankind – where the destructive forces accumulate the most and do their greatest damage – when you call This into outer action to consume all destructive forces, there will come to your assistance Unconquerable, Limitless Legions of the Diamond-Shining Angels of such Fiery Christ Blue-Lightning Purity, mankind would stand speechless were they to see Them in Action. And I want Them to come onto the lower atmosphere of Earth as soon as possible. (applause). Thank you so much.

You must have more Power in the physical octave than mankind can manage. You must have more Power in this Nation, of Our Indestructible Purity of the Sacred Fire, than there is energy in the destructive forces mankind has generated and imposed upon this Nation.

You must have more of the Great Central Sun’s Sacred Fire Love’s Indestructible Purity than all the energy communism has qualified down here with destruction. There must come from Above if this is to be consumed and mankind set Free. And I assure you, the Divine Law is such that It must come, and as soon as possible!

From tonight, I hope We may have your cooperation, because I am not going to say We’re going to use you – We’re not. We’re going to cooperate with you; and when you want This for yourselves, We will enfold you in more from a Cosmic Angle that, wherever you pass by, can consume anything and everything of human creation, when you call It into existence.

And We are ready to give It without limit to purify your Nation, to save your Nation, and to prevent what the hordes of evil intend to desecrate throughout the World.

So, don’t talk about destructive things, but call forth the Great Central Sun’s Indestructible Purity that consumes them. Be the Master Presence that controls manifestation and issues the Great Command for evil to cease to be, by Fiery Christ Blue-Lightning Purity for all Eternity; and you can’t fail!”

Beloved Elohim of Purity

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