understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, I have another very important reason for helping you to quiet the outer and feel Us at any moment in the midst of any condition. In the first place, as you set this habit, it will be very much easier for Us to direct you in the midst of outer conditions which might be in turmoil.

But more than that, if you demand that the Power, the Sacred Fire of Our Love and Peace comes into you, abides within, dwells within, and becomes you, that means part of your Life Stream, there will come a tremendous and Majesty within you that will help you to Master every condition you contact in the outer world. It will be the calm, poised, humble control of Power that will go forth into conditions, prepare the way ahead of you, and make you successful always.

This will have a tremendous benefit upon your health; and more than that, It becomes the Magnet to draw you by the very Peace which you hold within — It will draw to you the Blessings of the outer world which your Higher Mental Body wants to reach out and bring into your outer use to fulfill Its Great Divine Plan. This will affect your health. It will affect your finance. It will affect your business opportunity. It will affect everything you do in the outer life.

There is no greater Power of Love and Blessing that you can bestow by your Radiation than the Love of Our Peace, as Its Sacred Fire Presence enters into you and establishes in you and through and around you, the Eternal Flame that comes from the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation.
This will enable many many Blessings to come to you and within you when that Sacred Fire from Our Octave flows in and around you, and you love It, and recognize It, and know It has come within and around you to be part of your Life Stream, and you become Our Peace to Life wherever you abide.

These Magnificent Blessings and Powers of Life and Its Perfection are awaiting your use everywhere. We are the Custodians. We are the Givers of this Magnificent Sacred Fire to every Life Stream.

Therefore, if you want the Intensification of any special Quality or Activity and you turn to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and to Us, I assure you the Cosmic Law is ready to pour the Sacred Fire’s Love of any Quality into you the moment you ask, because you cannot ask for more Light or more Love or more Peace of the Sacred Fire, without the Cosmic Law answering you instantly at your Call, for such is the Cosmic Law!

No matter what the experiences of the past have been, the moment you want more Light, more Love, and more Peace of the Sacred Fire to come and dwell within you, the Great Law of Life is such that It is given instantly into your outer use and direction.

If you care to establish this habit, We will do everything to keep you close to Us, and to keep you enfolded in these Activities of the Sacred Fire that, I assure you, are all Love, all Light, and all Peace. Now, what could you ever have from That, that would ever give you anything of distress?

Beloved Elohim of Peace

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