Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 237

“You might say to Me – my world is of small dimension – but who shall say how far-reaching that world of yours will become or how it will expand? You are One in Life, remember! Your feeling world – your thoughts and your feeling go out to the periphery of Life! It goes to the farthest distance!

Therefore, to the degree that you are perfecting yourself, will you lift and assist in perfecting all which touches your world, individually or otherwise. That is how far-reaching your World can become!

Further than that, you have a Great Privilege in pouring forth your Blessings to Nature, who has had the discord of mankind poured upon her Great Beauty and Perfection.

It is time now mankind awakened to its responsibility; and poured out Love and Blessings upon Nature. Thus, Nature will come back and produce for Individuals, the Limitless Abundance they require of every good thing. Therefore, cooperate with Life! When Life sees the Individual is ready, It will pour out Limitless Blessings everywhere!

You are dealing with Life, and that Dispenser of Life which is your Higher Mental Body, knows with Great Intelligence all requirements, all demands, and how all answers are to come!”

The Great Divine Director

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