understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, I want to give you a Secret today, that if you will master the outer self when it wants to be in turmoil, or turmoil is around you, if you will get in the habit of saying to everything in your emotional world: “In the Name of the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and the Elohim of Peace, I command you, Peace, be still!” Say it with positive force, and then relax and begin to feel that Stillness, because I assure you, the continual turmoil and vibratory action of the emotional body is just like the ceaseless swinging of the waves on the ocean.

There is a constant surge everywhere in the waters of the Planet. Your emotional bodies are made up of the water element. Therefore, whatever disturbs the waters of the Planet will, to some degree, be felt by you, unless you command your emotional body to feel otherwise.

If you will do this, sometimes when you have a desire to talk, where there is argument or turmoil, if you can command the outer self to be still until you can feel the Power of Our Peace and Love inside of you that holds control, then whatever it is necessary to say, you will say with Power, with Self-Control; and you will find it effective, and you will find it makes you Victorious.

If you do not do that and you speak under sudden excitement, you have no idea, sometimes, what rushes in and you have to handle weeks later. If you will prevent this, you just say, “Peace be still”, until you feel that Peace from your “Presence”; and the Love and Peace from Our Octave, as a rule it’s scarcely one full minute till you will be so grateful that you did not speak, that you will begin to feel what the Power of the Silence is to control the turmoil in the feeling world of yourselves or those about you.

Now for your own enjoyment, I would like to try this experiment: When you want to feel and be absolutely certain that it is My Love and My Peace of the Sacred Fire coming into you and around you, you can say to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and to Me, “Thrill me with Your Peace! Thrill me with Your Peace! Thrill me with Your Peace, and hold control forever!”

I will project under those conditions a certain Intensity of Electronic Force from Our Octave of Life, and a certain Action of the Sacred Fire from the Temple of Peace.

As you become aware of This and feel It several times, many times when you are moving among conditions of the outer world and you least expect it, even when you’re not thinking of Peace nor of Us, that Thrill will come in and around you, and that will be Our Electronic Force filling and surrounding you, giving you Protection and holding the Peace around you for your Victorious Accomplishment.

We want you to train yourselves to feel Us, and not the turmoil of the outer world; and that should be a very practical experience for you. (applause). Thank you so much.”

Beloved Elohim Of Peace

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