Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 235

“Beloved People of America, and Beloved “I AM” Students, you have nothing in the future to fear, not one thing! In This Understanding of the Law of Life, you become Master and Controller of the ENERGY which flows forth at your command. I say, “at your Command”, because you are the Decreer for your world, as to where and how that energy is going to act. 

At your Command, the Power of the Energy of Life, will flow forth to a given objective; if you understand the Power of Concentration and the need of holding your attention upon your Goal!

When you hold your attention fixed upon a given objective to be attained, the Power of Life flows thru, with Its Infinite Irresistible Power and acts, until you have the results you desire. That is why your fixed attention upon a thing, understanding the Power of Life, will release the Infinite Power of action there; the Power, Substance, and Intelligence to constantly govern the activity, until the result is attained.

When you wish to accomplish a thing, decide upon what you want to do, so far as your outer intelligence will instruct you! If you are uncertain in any way, call the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is your Individualized Presence of God – the Presence of Life, into action to instruct you; to stand by and see that you do the RIGHT THING, if there seems to be a lack of understanding in the outer consciousness!

You are not taking chances. You are not dealing with indefinite results; but you are the DIRECTOR OF THE ENERGY, to produce the certain result you require.

If you will do this, any one can prove this Great Law to himself of herself; and to the whole world; because you are a Part of the Great Life and Its Mighty Activity in the human octave.”

The Great Divine Director

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