Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 236

“All human forms which are here in embodiment at one time, are a Part of the One Great Life, and Its Mighty Action! To the degree Individuals understand how to call forth the Greater Power and Action of Life, will they become a GREATER PART IN THE EXPANSION OF THAT ONE GREAT LIFE.

I ask you to observe the vast number of mankind on Earth and how each one is different. No one has identically the same desire; no two are just alike. Then, you can see how earnestly Life has tried to find a means of expression; to pour Its Perfection into the Earth, where mankind having forgotten Life, has charged and filled its atmosphere with discord, limitations, and distress of every kind!

Mankind had wholly forgotten there was an Individualized Great Presence of Life, and how each one could call and release Greater Power, a Greater Intelligence! People did not know it was possible.

Even with all the attempts which have been made to instruct mankind in the Higher Ideals of understanding, still the people felt a mysterious condition; that it had to be done in some complicated manner; so Individuals might seek from another, some peculiar manifestation of the Explanation of Life! That is where the confusion of mankind has come in, concerning the entire Universe.

In fact, It was so simple, the mass of mankind has not believed It. In the Application of Life, again it is so simple, but very Powerful and Majestic in Its Action, and will produce exact results. Therefore, if you want to be Free, first you must keep yourself obedient to Life, which is Harmony. That is the Outpouring of Divine Love, thru the Individual.

The human cannot generate Divine Love; because it is charged with human qualities; but in its capacity to call forth from the Presence, Life’s Power – which is Wholly Pure and Perfect – the outer self can call and send forth in a Mighty Stream of Action, by currents of Energy – the Power of Divine Love, which harmonizes each one’s world!

The Great Divine Director

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