understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Of course Beloved Ones, We could draw Electronic Force in and around you that would shake you out of your seats, and it would be only Love that We would use. But to shock the outer self because it is rebellious is not Obedience to the Law, except when it becomes vicious. But what We want you to recognize, what We want you to do, is to come into daily association with Us, and you must feel Us and feel Our Love before you will see Us.

Therefore when your love goes to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and then comes, for instance, to Me, and asks Me to fill you with the Peace and the Love of the Sacred Fire of My Heart, it would not take thirty seconds for you to begin to feel the Quiet, the Thrill, the Energy, the Power, and the Peace that I give instantly in answer to your Call.

We are closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet. Therefore, if you will command the outer self to stand aside, and you ask Us to make you feel Our Outpouring of the Love and Peace of the Sacred Fire, I assure you We are perfectly capable of doing it, regardless of your human creation.

What do you think it is, sometimes, in the atmosphere of Earth, that suddenly stills everything? What do you suppose that is? It’s a Wave of the Sacred Fire of Our Love, Our Purity, and Our Peace from Heights of Invincible Purity and Perfection. We can send that into the atmosphere of Earth, or in and around an individual as easily as you turn a flashlight upon something you’re seeking, something you want to see.

There is nowhere in the Universe that Our Sacred Fire Love cannot reach. There is nowhere that the Vibratory Action of Our Light and Its Peace cannot go, and there is nothing It cannot penetrate, because It is the Sacred Fire from the Heart of the Central Sun, and It is the All-Controlling Presence of everything, everywhere.

Therefore, if you want Peace within yourselves, then turn to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and to Me, and demand the Sacred Fire Love and Peace of such Power in yourselves that you cannot help but feel It, and the Power that is so great It stills everything else around you.

We can turn This in and around you and let It surge for you, through you, and forward around you. We can let It flow to protect you. It can go before you and clear your way, and I assure you, It is All-Powerful!”

Beloved Elohim Peace

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