understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, today it is My Privilege in coming closer into outer physical conditions to release the Radiance of the Sacred Fire which My Love can bestow, and which My Love is to the Earth. I hope to make you aware of just how close We are to you sometimes, and how close We can always be to you when you give certain Obedience to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and to Us, in order to receive back into yourselves that which We can give you.

Now I would like you to make this experiment and notice how quickly after you make the Call and turn your attention to your “Beloved I AM Presence” first, and then to Us, how quickly there comes into your feeling world the Radiance, the Radiation of Our Love.

I want you to realize it does not take thirty seconds for Our Love and Our Peace to come within your feeling world when you call to your “Beloved I AM Presence”, and to Us to make you feel the Peace and the Flame of Love from Our Hearts.

Now if when you first do this a few times, you only feel a stillness, try to realize that in that stillness is Peace, and that Peace is Our Love. But don’t allow your intellect, because you have been quiet for a few moments, to say to you, “Well, you made the Call and you don’t feel a thing!”

Once you make your Call to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and to Us, stand with your Call and be loyal to yourself. Don’t allow the intellect or the feeling to deny the Divine Command that you give! If you will remember This, you will know what Instantaneous Manifestation means.

The intellect and the feeling have, for so long, been allowed to interfere with the Love that is always flowing, the Love that is always Peace, the Love that is always Purity, and that is willing to give more of Itself than you could ever use.

You must someday come to the time when you master the outer self and never again permit it to interfere with the Peace and the Love from Our Great Realms of Life which this World requires, which you must have to attain your Mastery, and which is your Protection against discordant conditions.

For I assure you, the Sacred Fire of Our Love, the Peace of Our Love, is an Insulation and an Armor of Protection about you when you understand that the moment you feel It, the Sacred Fire from Our Octave is flooding into you and around you, to give you that which you require and to answer your Call.”

Beloved Elohim Peace

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