understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, We are offering you the Supreme Cosmic Insurance of Life. I sound commercial tonight, do I not? (applause). Thank you so much. I assure you, you’ll never have a loss in the kind of Security that We offer. Your only loss will be that of your human creations, and I’m sure you’ll want to part with them.

If you ever had a glimpse for just a few seconds, or one minute, into the Realm of your own “Beloved I AM Presence”‘ Cosmic Activities, into the Realm of the Ascended Masters’ Octave, into Our Temples of the Sacred Fire, and could see the Powers that are used to produce Perfection, just three or four seconds or a half a minute observing That, would be and experience within you, you could never forget. And more than that, it would be a Magnet within you to draw That into outer world activities, that you might give it for the Freedom of Life.

So Blessed Ones, We are reversing the trial and error method, and I think you have had more error than you have had trial almost. (laughter). So, let Us close the door, and let’s just try for a while, just experiment for a few days with this, of calling Ascended Master Management into your outer world conditions. But manage yourselves first.

Call Ascended Master Management into yourselves to manage everything within you, because the Ascended Masters’ Management will not allow anything to be out of Balance.

Now, this will be of a most Illumining Activity within you. You ask Us to manage you, but you must cooperate with Us by placing your “Beloved I AM Presence” first, and then holding the feeling quiet; and as soon as that Stillness comes within you, the Door is open. Your Higher Mental Body’s Faculties, just as clear as crystal, will fill the outer intellect with that which you next require, and will give you the reasonable explanation of everything. 

Your mental confusion will be gone. Your comprehension will be infinitely more rapid and complete. You will see the Pictures that will bring you great Joy, and you will lower those Activities into outer use to bless your fellowman.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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