understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As your Beloved Saint Germain has told you again and again, do not look to outer conditions for what you require, but turn constantly to your “I AM Presence” and expect everything from there, and expect It to give you what It knows you are going to require; and when that is the first thing you do, then whatever you do in the physical world will automatically be the right thing to cooperate with what is coming from within. Then you bring into outer world conditions, perhaps things that have never been here before, but things far in advance of what mankind has today.

If you call for That to be always Invincibly Protected against all that is of the sinister force, whatever you draw into outer use no destructive force can touch, no one can take it from you, and it will never give you one instant of unhappiness.

That is why I plead for all of you to make your Calls constantly to your “Presence”, send your love there, ask the “Presence” to come into you, ask the “Presence” to manage your world. Ask the “Presence”” to give you what It knows you are going to require.

Then, you not only will have your struggle cease, but you won’t have problems, because what comes from your “Presence” into your outer use will only produce Harmony and Perfection that blesses all and brings Freedom to all you contact.

So, to live in the habit of drawing from Our Octave of Life the Perfection that is the next thing to be drawn into outer world conditions, will enable you to disconnect your attention from the old methods of gaining things from the outer world. And since the outer world is in such chaos and it is so uncertain, I offer you the absolute Security that you hear so much about, and of which you have so little. All this security talk in the outer world; there is nothing secure in the outer world, except constant change.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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