Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 223

“Freedom is at hand for every earnest sincere student! Don’t let anything suggest otherwise or disturb your feelings, but in your great adoration and attention to your Presence, know you are then and there releasing the Full Power of Life, which wants so much to give you Its Freedom.

Why do We respond to your Calls? Now notice this very carefully. Not because of your outer volition, but because it is the Power of your Life which is calling; and all Foci of Life, which We are, and you are, must give obedience to Life. You might say to Me: How is it the Great Cosmic Beings must give obedience to Life? Because Our Attainment of Freedom, came by first giving obedience to Life. Then, when your Presence of Life calls to Us, is there anything in the Universe which could prevent Our answering your Call? Think of it!

Beloved Ones, you are not any longer at the mercy of destructive forces or limiting conditions, because you have come to know Life and Its Mighty Focus, the Presence of the “Mighty I AM”, which beats every one of your Hearts! Oh, don’t think for one second your Presence is not there, or that It is not Mighty Real. If your Presence were not there, you would not be here! Don’t forget it!

That Presence supplies you with Life; and when you accept It in Fullness of your feeling, then you will have the answers clearly and more and more quickly, to your Calls. When you start to make your Call, stand by it until the answer comes. Then you will see how more and more quickly and powerfully, will your Presence of Life answer your calls, until all of you too will have your answers instantly.

That is the Power of the Presence of Life waiting and wanting you to have this Great Freedom, this Great Happiness.”

The Great Divine Director

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