Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 219

“I say to you earnest, sincere, Beloved Students of the “I AM”:  Never again listen to silly human gossip which says to you: “Why don’t you apply the Law?” Because that sinister thing wants to discourage you.

Some who have hated and condemned the Messengers, have been compelled to call to them for help; and the Messengers were kind enough to give it, after the greatest and fiercest condemnation. That is the Power of Divine Love which they exert! That is the Power of Divine Love in the Blessing they send forth to mankind! That is the Blessing which all mankind should be giving to each other; and as you pour the Ascended Masters’ Divine Love, Blessings, and Kindness to each other, the Presence and Power of Light will flood you and your world with all the Perfection which It holds for you.

Remember, as the description was read to you of My Service to the Children, with all the Love and Kindness of My Heart, I say: “Remember, ‘I AM’ THAT same Being rendering you a little less Powerful Service; for in the numbers here who are unprepared, I cannot do the same thing fully which I did for those who were there! I can and have started into action in your world, the same Great Light, the same Mighty Activity, which according to your great Love, kindness and acceptance, will go on, and on, and on, in Its action of the Freeing, Purifying, Cleansing Power within you and your world. Then, one day not so long hence, you will begin to see the Result of that Purification and of the Outpouring of the Light of God, the ‘Mighty I AM’.”

Each day, It will surge forth more and more powerfully thru your body, thru your feeling world; and you will then see the Greater Harmony moving before you. That which had disturbed you and Individuals who had obstructed your way, will move out of your world; and the Presence of Life will move forward, producing the Victory of Light for you!

I commend you, to the Full Glory of God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”. May Its Full Power of Action take command of your mind and body, your world of action and produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion there.”

The Great Divine Director

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