Grateful Day, Everyone…

The Great Divine Director quote 220

“I call to the Higher Mental Body of each one, to stand guard; and see you are wholly receptive to the Power of your Presence; and that you earnestly make the Call which will enable Its Great Power of Life, to surge forth and give you the Blessings which everybody in embodiment craves to have, even the scoffers; even the doubters! When they are alone within their own chambers or upon their beds of straw, they will see that their scoffing and their doubt placed them on the bed of straw and privation.

It does not pay to scoff at Life! It does not pay to criticize and condemn the Power of Light which is offered; for one day, mankind will want It and It will be absent!

Beloved Ones, in pleading with you to enter into the Full Activity of Life; and give the cooperation and obedience, which are necessary for the Greater Release, will you not give that obedience joyfully and willingly? I know all of you sincere students of the “I AM”, will gladly. Stand unyielding in the Great Presence of your Life!

I say: “Bless these children in the human form with such Obedience, such Joy and Happiness in their feeling world; such Harmony maintained, that quickly the Power of Light will bring into their experience, the Evidence which satisfies anyone – even the most skeptical – of the Power of Light, to set them Free and give them the Freedom which is their due!””

The Great Divine Director

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