understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, I tell you truly, We live the easy way of Life and you live the difficult way. But if you will let Us manage your outer affairs, not only will Illumination come, not only will Happiness and Perfection come, but there will strengthen within you and within all Life that you contact, you will intensify the Strength of the Light in yourselves and in all, and that is the Raising Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet.

Now, We could intensify suddenly for the control of certain outer world conditions everything that is constructive in you, but We must have you protected against that which is discordant, for the increasing Power which We might need to use in a moment for the Blessing or Protection of others, would not be a strain upon you. For We do not do anything, even in an emergency, that would at any time be a strain upon anyone.

So the Wisdom and the Management, and the Directing Intelligence and Discrimination, from within your Higher Mental Bodies and the Ascended Masters’ Octave, is what is needed in outer world conditions and outer world affairs to bring the God Solution into outer world conditions, instead of mankind changing one problem for simply a different kind of a problem, or maybe a dozen others.

Now, We must have you strengthened My Dear Ones. We must have you protected. There is Work which We must do through you all; or rather, it is an Activity. And therefore in order to bring you to the use of this Power, We must have your worlds purified, harmonized, protected, and filled with as much of the Power and Perfection of your “Beloved I AM Presence” as you can draw forth in your Application in the very near future.

The outer world’s continual turmoil in the feeling as well as in the mind, is a constant surge of energy just like the waves on the ocean. It is constantly swinging; and it swings one day one way, and it’ll swing the opposite the next. There is no stabilization of it, except by the absolute Pressure of the Sacred Fire’s Control of all energy. You have not quite understood that, as a matter of pressure to compel energy purified, harmonized, and balanced in outer world activities.”

Beloved Elohim Cyclopea

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