understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind left alone, Dear Hearts, in this World, without this greater Illumination from the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation and the Cosmic Beings, and the Ascended Host, how much do you think the intellect of man, left alone, would accomplish?

There is not enough Light in the brain structure of unascended beings to be the strength of the Light to make them do that which is constructive without the Assistance, the Protection, the Amplification, and the Enfolding, Illumining Presence of the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation, is the reason We have given you Our Life to start on, and Our Enfolding Sun Presence of Our Hearts’ Flame, that knows for aeons of time ahead what is to be done.

We can give you as much of this from day to day, or from Call to Call that you make, that enables you to understand conditions in the outer world around you; and to avoid the things that the destructive forces want to impose upon you, because you do not understand how vicious and destructive they are, or who they are, or who they are working through at any moment.

So, the Illumination which We ask you to call forth into yourselves, is that you may be illumined enough ahead of time to hold your protection; and you are going to have to have It, that’s all!

When the masses of mankind are lying so continuously in channels of the outer world, if you do not have Our Fiery Christ Truth, how are you going to know what’s the right thing to do to protect yourselves?

This will not only clear your consciousness, but this will draw around you the Fiery Christ Truth of Our Life, of Our Power, of Our Light and Illumination that will help others that come near you to know the Truth also. And through Our Radiation in you, you can clear the mental and feeling world of others with whom you come in contact, and help them to hold to the constructive way of Life as well.

This is the reason We gave you the Use of Our Ascended Master Consciousness, because mankind’s consciousness, left unillumined by the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness, is nothing but the animal.

You say, “Well, what about my Higher Mental Body?” You’ve had It all through the ages, and look at your depraved races in the World today. What do you think made them like that, if they had the full power necessary to keep from doing the destructive things that have made them what they are today?

Mankind needs to know of Our Existence and needs to call Our Life, Our Illumining Love into the emotional body, into the Heart Flame; and Our Illumining Wisdom, Our Illumining Power, Our Illumining Discrimination, and Our Illumining Intellect, to keep mankind’s consciousness from fooling itself.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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