understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Look at your so-called intelligentsia of the World today. What are they doing for mankind? They are using the good of the Universe to create more and more war, more and more confusion; and they are not setting the people free, and they are not telling them one word about the Ascension!

Now, where is the Illumining Consciousness that sets mankind free, if It doesn’t come from the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host? (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please; and just remain so.

Before you start to do something, say to your “Beloved I AM Presence”: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ and Beloved Seven Mighty Elohim, show me the Elohim Way to create this which I wish to do that is constructive! Fill me with the Ascended Masters’ Illumining Consciousness, and show me the Ascended Masters’ Way to do this, which fulfills the Divine Plan, to do whatever is constructive and hold it protected, that it may bless others who pass this way!”

Why, there is absolutely no limit to the Inspiration you can have, to the abilities that you can have to do these things that are right, are constructive. They should be done. They do fulfill the Divine Plan. They are the sustaining of that which is right in the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan in the physical conditions of this physical world.

The Beloved Seven Mighty Elohim are the Givers of this Supreme Gift of Life. All I say to the mankind of this World is, “I challenge you to try it out and see.” (applause). Thank you so much.”

Beloved Elohim Cassiopea

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