understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you Beloved Ones, in the fullness of your Life, in the fullness of My Enfolding Love that is finding Its Mighty Radiance in your feeling worlds. How deeply I congratulate you on your willing obedience. Keep on Beloved Ones, in the great Victory of your Light. All are gaining so rapidly in the Victory of that great, great Light. Do not let human qualities have any action.

I cannot tell you – words are inadequate to convey to you My Gratitude for all the obedience that is being given and what it means to you, what it means to the whole world. Do you quite realize that in the Victory of each one, how this means the Victory of America, then the world? I do not mean by that to cause you to feel undue responsibility; but I do want you to realize how much depends upon the harmony of this Focus, the obedience of this Focus.

We are rapidly coming to the Final Goal of the Victory of the Light. Of course, We do not recognize such a thing as failure. The Victory of the Light in America, to Me, is assured! The full outpicturing of that depends largely upon the staunch stand of the Student Body.

This attempt to throw over the Student Body financial fear is the last throe of the human destructive forces; and the financial fear, owing to the conditions that exist in the government and the industrial activities, is not so far governed. It is making a strong attempt to act through the Students; but I trust before the Shrine Class is half finished that We will have been able to dispose of that fear, and especially over this locality.

I wish the Law of your Being for a moment permitted Me to show each one of you individually your achievement since the Chicago Class. It is tremendous! Hold that sustained; and whatever confronts you individually, please do not let your feelings become aroused or disturbed in any manner whatsoever, because you are at the point now where the outpicturing of this Perfection will begin to take Its Dominion and Action.

But My Dear Ones, do you realize what it means? You here in the Heart Center or Focus are steadily and surely like a mighty avalanche moving down the mountain! Hold steady to that Power and Focus of Light and, you Blessed Ones, let nothing in the world turn you aside from this Service; for it means a goal you cannot in the slightest comprehend.

It all seems so natural to you, I know; and sometimes you feel like you are not doing so much, and sometimes like more and more was being piled upon you to do; but still is the Great, Great Law working out.

Will you try for a few moments to comprehend with Me what it means and how it is that you are here. How is it that out of all the millions of people you have been chosen to become the Student Body? Think of it! If it were not that the Light within each one of you made it possible, do you think you would be here?

That should be sufficient to give you Invincible Strength and Determination to silence every quality of your human, to compel its obedience to the Law under any and all circumstances. I feel so sure that not one of you will have any great difficulty in the future in absolutely holding complete self-control and mastery of yourselves.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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