understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you know that humanity is like a great group of children? If you saw a group of children at play in the street and a vicious avalanche of destruction was bearing down upon them and you could stop that, wouldn’t you do it?

So today, you are in a position to hold the balance of Light by obedience and harmony maintained in the feelings – to the degree that it is stopping the avalanche of destruction bearing down upon the Children of America. And as you would save that group of children in the street, so may you save the Children of America.

It is so great, so far-reaching that it is impossible for you to even conceive of a sacrifice upon the human part in whatever is required for that accomplishment. You do not realize Beloved Ones, how the whole world is looking upon you as ideals. You have no idea how so many are watching to see whether or not you will yield to things of the outer world.

That is why today, My Love is so great for you; My Gratitude so great for your accepting My Humble Efforts to prompt and correct, that you might be that Victory – oh not only for yourselves, but in this great need of today.

The world is like lost children not knowing which way to turn. Only those who are anchored in this Light have any stabilization, and you cannot imagine what the feeling is that goes through the feeling world of those millions of individuals.

For instance, may I again call your attention to Italy, Russia and Germany. Germany is catapulting into this recent condition is perhaps a greater illustration than any other spot. Could you know the fear, the agony, the distress that surges daily through those blessed people, the majority who are so good and mean so well – just because those individuals have been seized upon and made insane.

Do you realize My Beloved Ones, that only an Ascended Being could endure what it is to look upon people in the position of Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, and China today. Could you not see and understand the causes back of it, no one could endure it; and yet, there beating each Heart is the Power of Light and Freedom, forgotten so completely.

How fortunate you are that your Light was sufficient to draw you into this Eternal Focus, which with your greater and greater obedience will mean the Ascension of every one of you. There is not one thing now can prevent It except yourselves! Even though the shell of your body remains, still would It be accomplished – the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon mankind.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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