isis unveiled: xii (forbidden grounds)

“That they are human spirits is shown by the fact that very often they try to humor and propitiate the “larvae” of their own daughters and relatives, when they have no reason to suspect that the latter did not die in the odor of sanctity and chastity. Such spirits they name “Kanni”, bad virgins.

The case was noticed by several missionaries; Rev. E. Lewis, among others. But these pious gentlemen usually insist upon it that they worship devils, whereas, they do nothing of the sort; for they merely try to remain on good terms with them in order to be left unmolested. They offer them cakes and fruit, and various kinds of food which they liked while alive, for many of them have experienced the wickedness of these returning “dead ones”, whose persecutions are sometimes dreadful.

On this principle likewise they act toward the spirits of all wicked men. They leave on their tombs, if they were buried, or near the place where their remains were burnt, food and liquors, with the object of keeping them near these places, and with the idea that these vampires will be prevented thereby from returning to their homes. This is no worship; it is rather a spiritualism of a practical sort.

Until 1861, there prevailed a custom among the Hindus of mutilating the feet of executed murderers, under the firm belief that thereby the disembodied soul would be prevented from wandering and doing more mischief. Subsequently, they were prohibited, by the police, from continuing the practice.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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