understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I cite to your attention two things: Mankind listen without attention. I mean by that, that if you are listening to something and your mind revolves on something else, you are listening without attention, and you do not comprehend what is being said. That is the reason why so many repetitions are necessary.

The great majority of people sitting in an audience are listening apparently, individually; yet, their mind is off thinking about their own affairs, problems, or some condition that exists – instead of just dismissing everything for that hour or two, and giving the whole attention to the consideration of what is being said. That is the reason people do not comprehend, but you just have to be patient and keep on until they grasp it more and more.

I think we will try to arrange it and have each Class a large seventeen-day Class, because as the protection is given, then it will give time to give more explanation of these things; and as the vibratory action rises, the people will comprehend more rapidly.

Question:    It gives ten days’ preparation and seven days’ absorption.

Saint Germain:    I think by the time you have finished in Chicago it will really give seven days’ preparation and ten days’ absorption. That is what I hope to bring it to. Then you will see some real comprehension, and they will enter into the comprehension and Application with a power that is dynamic.

A few Individuals have done that; but the majority seem unable to, because just as soon as they begin to go back into the radiation and face their problems, they begin to accept that involuntarily instead of standing firm against it.

Question:    Will you help us with the radio in Washington and see if we cannot get it in that Class?

Saint Germain:    You just have to be a little patient there. Things are working out far better than it looks at present. A lot of Inner work has to be done there, and a lot is being done by Individuals. There was an attempt there to try to shut off your Work, but they have not succeeded at all.

As you keep pouring in the Currents of Light – I mean by the greater focus of the Class twice a year, then the Light Rays between times – you will find that whole thing goes down, and there will be just as marvelous acceptance there as anywhere; but the regulations are quite a lot different there than in other places in the United States.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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