understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Discourse in the afternoon of the Ascension Day at Oakland rendered a Service to the unions and to Mankind United, that will continue to expand until that thing is dissolved – because there were some of their people there, and they saw that it was only kindness that gave forth the truth to them; and they went out absolutely sure within themselves that that was the case.

Therefore it has made them begin to think for themselves. There were two men there that were largely instrumental in the strike condition in San Francisco; and they have done some work, and they are awaiting further opportunity to reverse and change that whole thing – and I think through that, will bring about the annihilation of that whole thing and the setting free of those people.

You never can tell from the outer standpoint, what individual might be in your audience, whose far-reaching powers and influence may change the whole state or whole city.

That is why We suggest – unless We see it is absolutely necessary – to hold your future work in the Classes as much on the constructive activity as possible, citing what the constructive does rather than calling their attention to the other things, because that work has been done to a large extent. We might occasionally refer to it. That will show these people then that there is nothing political, there is no belligerent feeling or thought back of the work being done in the correction of the conditions.

That is why sometimes it is necessary to become more dynamic and positive to release whatever it is with feeling, and call their attention to the fact that it is given forth with the greatest love and kindness, that mankind may understand.

Question:    In Chicago, will we have to start in and do a lot of the fundamental work again, or shall we begin the Work where we are?

Saint Germain:    I think I would give some fundamental work, because there are a lot of the people, even among the Students, who do not understand clearly; and I think it would be well, for the first two days, to explain many of the fundamentals. Then when you come back the next time you can perhaps use less of it.

You would be surprised, I tell you, how Students of three years, in the unusual vibratory action in the room, take hold and grasp points they have heard twenty times; yet they suddenly awaken to the full import and their comprehension of it. So, there is no chance of getting away wholly from fundamentals, because as long as new people are coming in all the time, they must have a certain amount of it. But most of that is given in the explanation of the Chart.

There is nothing in the world that stands as the living proof to the people as to why this Great Law is true, as the explanation of the Chart showing the reason why it is true – because without that, a great many will take it as a supposition; but if they pay attention when the explanation is given – why these truths are – then they see it.

But you must realize too, that through the early training and the dictation of the Discourses and all you have had, that only a very small part of it has really been given out, because there has not been time to do it. But those first few in Chicago had the opportunity when it was given forth; still they did not grasp it then.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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