understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to the Messengers and the Staff, I thank each one for your assistance and the great, tremendous Work which was done in Europe the night before last and last night. You were all there giving tremendous assistance.

Now then Blessed Ones, sleep with the greatest peace and rest and refreshing activity you have ever known tonight. Feel the full Charge of the Liquid Light acting within your feeling world and bodies, dissolving every imperfection that is there; and remember, My Hand is in yours to your Eternal Victory – unless you should think I am too whimsical to keep it there.

Lotus, have the Messenger direct the Currents through your spine tonight so you get the full, complete relaxation and rest as much as you can during the Class.

Question:    Shall I have the vibraharp in the room here or at the Class?

Saint Germain:    I think it would be better here, because then you get the benefit of it before retiring; but I think by the time you sleep in the Radiation tonight, you will find you are quite refreshed. I trust all of you can say to Me in the morning, “I have had the greatest night’s sleep in my memory!”

Do you know that this is always a very great delight and rejoicing to Me as well as yourselves. It never can be a one-sided affair you know. I give to you, and you give to Me, and we all give back to Life.

Good night Blessed Ones, with all the Love of My Heart, and the fullness of My Call to your “Presence of Life”, to release and bring into Almighty Action Its Mighty Perfection now, and bless you with every good thing, and the Limitless Power of your Light. Good night.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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