understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    May I ask how near the Light was to being Self-Luminous about Charles, Pearl, and myself when the Power began to surge? Was that coming to the point of Luminosity?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Don’t be surprised at any time if the Self-Luminosity comes into the room, or comes about your bodies. Don’t be startled or surprised in any way, because It might suddenly release, just like It did with this good brother and David Lloyd. He did not dream of such a thing and did not know it could be done, but it was.

I tell you, this is the point: The love of the Students is getting so great, and the Call is so great – just like David Lloyd calling to the Messenger for the Service to be rendered to him. He had gained that momentum, and when it released, it released for him from a human element that kept the Power of the “Presence” from releasing Itself.

That is why I have impelled the Messenger to say in these recent Classes, “Do not limit the ‘Presence’ as to what It can do for you” – because it is so important at this time because there are thousands of the Students that are ready, at some enthusiastic and joyful moment when this great Power of the “Presence” might easily be released.

Do not each one of you feel this tremendous, great, calm Joy that is throbbing through the room? It is marvelous.

Now I must take you back for just a moment to our point of discussion. When you consider the children that come into life under the conditions of life that most of them do – at least seventy-five percent are so-called accidents – then you see why Life is so beneficent in providing the protection, in providing the Currents of Life and Energy and sustaining Power that make really beautiful creatures out of individuals drawn into conditions where really they were not wanted; and yet the mass of mankind are in that position, through one cause or another. One time it is lack of finances; another it is not desiring to be bothered with children; another time it is something else – oh various things.

But these are conditions now that you all must understand and not be affected by the knowledge of them, but understand from the standpoint of Life and Its Manifestation – the magnificent, beneficent Presence and Power of Life – that It does for the human form such marvelous, marvelous things.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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