understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, I call your attention to this point: I have seen children born into a family of almost depravity, and in this child the Light is strong enough that it rises out of the surrounding conditions and influences there, into a beneficent, marvelous being. You have seen that done repeatedly.

Now look, all your great financiers today, almost without exception, are people who were practically orphans. They were turned out in the world, so to speak, to become newsboys or individuals who almost from babyhood stood on their own feet and, by that great determination through the privation that was their experience in childhood, they built up that determination which compelled Life to surround them with wealth.

Any determination that is held firm and unyielding will produce exactly the same effect, because it is the Power of Life acting.

Now then, in the Understanding of the “Presence” as you have it today, there is not one of you that could not start right in and fix your determination upon a goal and not reach it within a comparatively short time, because the Light would be compelled to act.

It is not a matter of choice of Life acting; but your determination and firm, unyielding desire draws It forth and causes It to act upon that objective. It is a magnificent thing. There is no thing in the world that any of you could not have that is perfect, good, and true, by directing the Power of Life to produce that.

Question:    What will Life do with what you might call the derelicts? Will the Cosmic Cycle in the cataclysm cut the forces away from the Stream of the Individual, and bring them back and let them go forward, or are they too depraved?

Saint Germain:    No. You see, the Goddess of Liberty gave to mankind one of the greatest things ever given to the Earth when in the Third Episode of Washington’s Vision She has given forth: “If necessary, the Light of a Thousand Suns shall descend into the Earth and dissolve and consume all discord from the planet.” That is the only hope of mankind.

Saint Germain God Presence ChartAny human being on the face of the Earth who looks at that Chart and cannot see his Divine Origin is certainly in a bad shape, certainly is clothed with human creation that they cannot see through .

Life should seek for greater Happiness, Beauty, and Perfection, rather than intentionally trying to lower itself.

Wherever Life is manifesting through a human form, that is God Life.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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