isis unveiled: xii (forbidden ground)

“It was Ammonius who first taught that every religion was based on one and the same truth; which is the wisdom found in the Books of Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), from which books Pythagoras and Plato had learned all their philosophy. And the doctrines of the former he affirmed to have been identical with the earliest teachings of the Brahmans – now embodied in the oldest Vedas. “The name Thoth”, says Professor Wilder, “means a college or assembly”, and “it is not improbable that the books were so named as being the collected oracles and doctrines of the sacerdotal fraternity of Memphis.

Rabbi Wise had suggested a similar hypothesis in relation to the divine utterances recorded in the Hebrew Scripture. But the Indian writers assert, that during the reign of king Kansa, Yadus (Judeans?) or sacred tribe left India and migrated to the West, carrying the four Vedas with them. There was certainly a great resemblance between the philosophical doctrines and religious customs of the Egyptians and Eastern Buddhists; but whether the Hermetic books and the four Vedas were identical, is not now known.”

But one thing is certainly known, and that is, that before the word philosopher was first pronounced by Pythagoras at the court of the king of the Philasians, the “secret doctrine” or wisdom was identical in every country. Therefore it is the oldest texts – those least polluted by subsequent forgeries – that we have to look for the truth.

And now that philology has possessed itself of Sanscrit texts which may be boldly affirmed to be documents by far antedating the Mosaic Bible, it is the duty of the scholars to present the world with truth, and nothing but truth.

Without regard to either skeptical or theological prejudice, they are bound to impartially examine both documents – the oldest Vedas and the Old Testament, and then decide which of the two is the original Sruti or Revelation, and which but the Smriti, which, as Max Muller shows, only means recollection or tradition.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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