understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How very great Beloved Ones, is My Rejoicing in all that was accomplished in Los Angeles. I congratulate every one of you with all My Heart; and you, Precious Lotus, only as you see with the All-Seeing Eye within will you realize and know how tremendous was the release and the prevention of a confrontation gathering, which was consciously being attempted in Los Angeles.

I will appreciate it Lotus, very much, if you will get all the sleep and rest possible during this Class. Don’t do anything that does not have to be done, but get your rest; and I will charge the Current of Energy through these hands so that you come back into perfectly restful ease and action of your muscular system.

I tell you, please be at peace and rest. If it were not for the onrushing Cosmic Light, I would have very little hope of averting this calamity for mankind; but I know how great is the impelling Power of the Cosmic Light that is acting within the feeling world of mankind.

Remember, seeing this in the beginning of this Work, and since the time was ready and these Mighty Decrees began to go forth into the mental and feeling world of mankind, the Cosmic Light has been the Power of Action. As It rushes forth, It will take Action in the mental and feeling world of mankind with a Power that has been or would be inconceivable without It.

I congratulate every one of you for your determination for self-control and the governing of yourselves and your feelings, to enable Me to do the things that can be done.

I tell you Precious Ones, could you just believe Me or feel within yourself the Glory that stands just in front of you, there would not be anything in this world that would make you have an irritable feeling about anything or anybody. It is the most marvelous freedom, financial release, and opening of the Cosmic Light to each one of you; it is marvelous.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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