understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, can you believe Me – I ask you to just for the minute mentally check up on some of the things that have been accomplished during your Meetings. You only seem a few, but when you realize that this Call and the Power released releases Infinite Power into action to do these things, then you will see what it has meant.

I know you are not making a fortune insofar as money goes, but you are making a fortune ten times as great as if all the wealth of the land were dumped into your lap to use. You are not only winning your own Freedom and Victory, but you are rendering a Service to America unparalleled, because every foot gained in the Activity is a permanently sustained Activity that can never go back, no matter what comes in the appearance world.

Nothing can interfere with every step that has been gained in the Acknowledgment of the “Presence”, whether it is for you individually or the Nation or the international activity.

Won’t you tonight, every one of you, try to feel the full import of that. Whether it is individually, or for the state or the Nation, or for international activity – everything gained is a permanent, eternally sustained thing. Why, it is so stupendous!

Sometimes when I look over the audience and see the few individuals who doubt and question, I just long to release a thunderbolt into their midst – not unkindly; but I mean, to shatter that human shell and reveal to them the great Truth which is present for their blessing, because in this day of the Final Goal of mankind it is a very different thing than anything that has ever been on Earth, because mankind is having to choose – being compelled to choose – whether they are going to serve the constructive or destructive forces.

But that decision comes from within the Light of the individual – not a human choice.

The Higher Mental Body, when It gets the expansion of the Light to a certain point, then It chooses; if it has expanded enough, then the choice is for the Light, and there is nothing that can change that once that decision is made.

So, it is not always the individual who seems to have failed in the outer – because the Light may take hold and reverse that thing.

You see, so much is possible today that never has been in the history of mankind, because the determined intent and reaching out to the Light is the decisive power.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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