isis unveiled: xii (forbidden ground)

“The poor Abbe Huc, whose works of travel in Tibet and China are so well-known, relates the same fact of the resuscitation of Buddha. He adds, furthermore, the curious circumstance that the baby-oracle makes good his claim to being an old mind in a young body by giving to those who ask him, “and who knew him in his past life, the most exact details of his anterior earthly existence.”

It is worthy of notice, that des Mousseaux, who expatiates at length on the phenomenon, attributing it as matter of course to the Devil, gravely remarks of the Abbe himself, that the fact he had been unfrocked (defroque) “is an accident which I (he) confess scarcely tends to strengthen our confidence.”  In our humble opinion this little circumstance strengthens it all the more.

The Abbe Huc had his work placed on the Index for the truth he told about the similarity of the Buddhistical rites with the Roman Catholic ones. He was moreover suspended in his missionary work for being too sincere.

If this example of infant prodigy stood alone, we might reasonably indulge in some hesitation as to accepting it; but, to say nothing of the Camisard prophets of 1707, among who was the boy of fifteen months described by Jacques Dubois, who spoke in good French “as though God were speaking through his mouth”; and of the Cevennes babies, whose speaking and prophesying were witnessed by the first savants of France – we have instances in modern times of quite as remarkable a character.

Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, for March 1875, contained an account of the following phenomenon:

“At Saar-Louis, France, a child was born. The mother had just been confined, the midwife was holding forth garrulously ‘on the blessed little creature’, and the friends were congratulating the father on his luck, when somebody asked what time it was. Judge of the surprise of all, on hearing the new-born babe reply distinctly ‘Two o’clock!’ But this was nothing to what followed. The company were looking on the infant, with speechless wonder and dismay, when it opened its eyes, and said: ‘I have been sent into the world to tell you that 1875 will be a good year, but that 1876 will be a year of blood.’ Having uttered this prophecy it turned on its side and expired, aged half-an-hour.”

We are not aware that this prodigy has received official authentication by the civil authority – of course we should look for none from the clergy, since no profit or honor was to be derived from it – but even if a respectable British commercial journal was not responsible for the story, the result has given it special interest.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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