understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I trust I can get you all to see and feel how, when you depend wholly upon your “Presence”, it so transcends anything that exists in the outer world that there is not any comparison; and you don’t have to use outer means in order to produce this Inner Perfection. In most instances it interferes instead of helping, and that is what all must understand.

The Inner does not need the outer, but the outer surely does need the Inner.

That is how in all your production of this Work it is wholly different from anything that has existed, because the outer has not reached an anchorage sufficiently; and as long as it begins to reach back into the outer for the assistance (the technical achievement of the outer world), that, because of the conditions that have existed, keeps drawing the attention back – instead of going to the “Presence” where it will produce greater and greater Perfection.

You see, the world has drawn itself into the limitations and conditions that exist by giving its attention to outer things. In dividing your attention from the “Presence” to that achieved in the outer world, you are more inclined to draw into the achievement of the outer world than the “Presence”, because of your attention being so long fixed there.

I tell you, you have no idea yet of the enormity of your attention. It can bring you into Perfection or drag you into oblivion, it is so powerful.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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