understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me say this to give you greater assurance: In the momentum that has been gained in your Calls to the “Presence”, it makes it possible, wherever your bodies are, many times to utilize the opportunity to release a power of vibratory action into the environment to do these things We wish – unbeknown to yourselves.

That is why many times it is important to have your bodies on the ground where We wish to do certain things. That was why it is necessary to go to Honolulu, and why it is necessary to have your bodies at certain points.

There is not one person who is the claw of the sinister force in the attempt to oppose this Work, that does not know in their Heart that We are Real, because they have seen the manifestation and they know the human could not produce it.

Therefore, regardless of what might be said outside, they know We are Real; they know We are the Power with whom they are dealing. Therefore, they are always afraid of an invisible thing.

Question: Should we add to that Call the Decree to not only reveal, but to awaken the American people into action to the things that are revealed every day?

Saint Germain:    Yes, by all means. Arouse them into action against it. You see, in all this Work, now what you need to do is to call all this into action, because it is action now we need to reveal a thing. Without action it would be only a fragmentary part; but awaken, arouse the people into the defense of America and themselves.

The conditions that have existed so long have put the people into this sleep; but you would be astonished if you saw from within, how fast the awakening of the American people is coming about by these Decrees going forth.

Some of the Students cannot see how practical We are, and when We get too practical they think there is something strange about it.

Someday when I begin to come forth in My Tangible Body, you will look at me many times and wonder how I can be so practical and natural in the outer world. You will pinch yourselves many times to make yourself believe that I am other than yourselves.

That is the Reality of Life, Dear Ones. To assume what you are not is foolish, but to prove to the world the Law of Life by your actions is the greatest thing in the world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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