understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, this is the point:  There is no outer, technical Perfection that can take the place of the Perfection of the “Presence”. Now, the “Presence” can bring into action technical Perfection, but if the attention is fixed only on the outer technical methods instead of the “Presence”, then there will be no outer Perfection.

The “Presence” is first. Everything that exists in the outer world had to come from the “Presence”, but the dividing of the attention between the two in the present state of mankind is not conducive to the complete state of Perfection.

For instance, in your music when you strike a certain harmonious vibratory action, then you will be able to call forth – now, take this one piece as an illustration, the “Song of the Islands”. It produces a general harmony. In order to call forth a specific harmony, the general attunement of your physical body and the brain structure needs to be brought to that certain attunement; then when you call forth a specific thing, don’t you see, the channel is crystal clear for that specific thing to come forth. You would find it becoming just as definite and accurate as if you put down a row of figures and got an exact result.

In music, in art, it is all produced the same way. If the instrument, which is the body and brain, is not in a certain vibratory action of harmony, then if you call forth something that is specific you are very apt to have that colored by the vibratory action that remains there that is not perfect, not in full harmony.

Therefore, you cannot call a specific thing there until you have reached a certain attunement by a general activity, which this music produces; then you can call forth specific things and get them uncolored by the vibratory action there. The body structure should be brought up to where all is in balance, before the specific thing is focused.

Question:    In orchestrating numbers, I imagine a great deal of work could be done in balancing up the tonal quality of the instruments to put a healing quality into the music. For instance, certain types of instruments produce vibrations that are not wholly harmonious, and other instruments produces tones that are much more harmonious.

Saint Germain:    That is the training you are receiving now. You will draw that quite clear into the outer consciousness and activity, because that is where you will be able to produce some very astonishing results. When these begin to come forth, you will probably receive some very fascinating offers; and when that comes, take your stand in the Light.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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