understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, I think we have had quite a visit tonight. Again I say to you that not one of you is the same being that came into this room two hours ago. I think I hear some of you saying that you should like to see a greater outpicturing.  So shall it be.  Oh you will find that I am a real Friend after all, and I surely am no myth.

Donald Ballard:    You watched over us very closely coming up here.

Saint Germain:    It is quite necessary sometimes. What is your desire Don, in your plans for your flying activity?

Donald Ballard:    I want to get as much time as I can between now and the Oakland Class, and at least get my blind flying finished, and get my license as soon as possible in case there is a need.

Saint Germain:    Would you rather return after the Oakland Class and continue your flying before you go to Chicago? I want you both to be in Chicago.

Donald Ballard:    That was what I had in the back of my head.

Saint Germain:    I think it would be a wise thing to do. I think from now until you would go to the Oakland Class, you would find generally very good flying weather. It is not so important for you to be at the Seattle Class; and I think if it is satisfactory to both of you, it might be well and a very wise thing to return and get in all the flying you can. I would suggest that you devote whatever time you need to your flying, but continue very earnest study.  Besides getting the rest you need to keep yourself in perfect condition for flying, I would put in very earnest, sincere Application and study. I think you would both make tremendous progress if you would do that – I mean in a very methodical way. Don’t let any condition come in; but make yourselves give obedience to your study and time, just the same as you were doing the regular activity.

Donald Ballard:    You mean in reading the Books?

Saint Germain:    Whatever you think you get the most out of in study, but do not miss your definite Application.

Question:    When we get our own plane, would You approve of ___________ to take the responsibility of the ship?

Saint Germain:    Oh yes. You would want someone to do that until Don has had a certain period of flying experience, even if his training was complete – because, like everything else, you need to become thoroughly adjusted to every requirement. He would be a very splendid man, I think, in taking that capacity of action.

Few can realize really what determined Application means. Anyone could set themselves free so quickly if they would really just enter into and make that dynamic Application. Everyone needs more of it, because when one is up against the suggestions of the outer world – and I don’t mean by that, too prolonged Application; but to give snappy and powerful Application two, three, four, or five times a day for ten, fifteen minutes is more powerful than too prolonged Application until one loses the power of it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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