understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One day, people will find I am very Real. They were so determined up to that time, that the Messenger was the one giving forth these Dictations. They have changed their minds since, and I think they will still change their minds some more.

What do you suppose they would do if I were suddenly to come forth in My Tangible Body, even today? Some of those who have been so determined that I was a myth, wouldn’t they be surprised? Well, they have to have the opportunity to disintegrate that doubt. However, that does not worry Me; and I see it is not worrying you, so we shall go serenely on our way. However, the hour is getting such that I think we should not continue reminiscing.

Tonight Beloved Ones, the Currents have been pouring through, instead of the Violet Consuming Flame pouring up. That should mean a great deal to all of you. My paddlings are not very severe.

Now Dear Ones, I must say goodnight to you; and all Our Love and Blessings, remember, constantly enfold you, to your great Perfection.

I say to you: make your powerful, dynamic Application. Most of you are doing it; but the rest of you, feel the need. Don’t leave it to your “Presence” or Me to do the work that your Application is required to do.

So much Application is required of each one to enable Us to release the Assistance that you would like to have. We cannot go beyond the bounds of that which your Application enables Us to give; so remember, it is important for you to make your dynamic Application in order to give Us the opportunity to do the things We would love to do for you.

Good night. All Our Love and Blessings enfold you, Beloved Ones.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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