understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    How was it the Great Divine Director was never in human embodiment? Did He come into His present condition from the Second Golden Age?

Saint Germain:    Yes. He held His Dominion and kept Himself free from the discord. There were others who also did that; but He had even then decided to render a Service to the humanity of Earth, which He saw  beginning to take place then.

Expecting it might go on for a great period of time, it gave Him the determination to hold steadfast, which He did with many others – and three others whom you will hear from, provided humanity is sustained in its present upward trend. Should they come forth, you will see very great transformation taking place in mankind.

Dear Ones, do you realize what it means to try to help humanity in almost all countries of the Earth, and to find that you had failed because of their disobedience – not that I had failed, not in a single instance, because I never did; but the objective had failed because of the unwillingness to give obedience.

Then you can surely imagine what My Feeling is in finding the response today in America also reaching out to all parts of the world. You see, it is like a great hub of a wheel, with the spokes reaching out to the various countries in the world. Think of it – those people having no contact except the Books, and yet rising within them is such determination, knowing the Right. All of it has made them very staunch and wonderfully alert.

But every person does meet the opposition, so-called, in the outer world, or that which tries to turn them aside from the Pathway of Light. If they are not strong enough to resist it, it means they are going to have to go through some severe experience until they want the Light more than anything else.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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