understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    I see a lasso of Light going around each individual.

Saint Germain:    Yes, but be sure you don’t consider that lasso going from your physical body. If you want to use that, see It taking place from your Higher Mental Body, but never from your physical body – because if you do, you form a physical connection from your body, which is not well to do.

Mrs. Ballard:    Why can we not make a mass Decree and establish a Focus to answer the desperate Calls of mankind?

Saint Germain:    Lotus, I am sure you are inspired. That is very, very important; and I have been hoping for weeks some of you would conceive of that, because it is important. If you make the Call, it will be drawn to act within the heart activity of the Staff and assist in this correspondence, and to answer definitely these tragic Calls.

Because of the conditions that exist, you will probably get more and more of it for some time because this unemployment situation is making it desperate for many of the people. You have no idea, I tell you Dear Ones – of course, you all know the human creation is always waiting to surge in; and the moment you begin to depend upon outside sources, that begins to surge in.

You see how in this experience it did, and you will find it in the musical work if you don’t watch out. The most plausible suggestion will be offered that will throw you off; and the moment you believe you have made a mistake, then you open yourself to further mistakes.

But just as quickly as you take your firm stand with the “Presence” and say: “There is nothing else. I am not going to accept anything else. ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, You give forth that which makes me understand. You take command of me and see that I do the perfect thing!”  In that attitude you would bring forth such Perfection, you would be amazed yourself.

I mean this to anyone who wants to give it their attention, because I tell you Dear Ones, your attention is the most powerful thing in the Universe.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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