understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, if mankind only understood that this is really true!  As I am talking to you now and flashing these Words here, the Messenger seems perfectly normal and natural – and is. But the fact that he is able to receive It with such speed and accuracy – We could produce whatever We wanted in the invention and discovery world; but that is not important at this time. The importance is of getting this to mankind – and the protection of America.

What good would the information do if you had to hold it in the Retreats for the blessing of a few individuals today? We could take you all there, as far as that is concerned, and forget the world; but that is not the thing. The need is for mankind, because they must have it or perish.

That is why I frankly say to you, at the time the Messengers came back from Honolulu, I was almost at the point of taking them because of conditions that existed; and here, where We had attempted to formulate such a powerful Focus, such disintegrating work was going on that I was almost tempted to take them and let the world fight it out.

Still, there was enough good acting within the great number of Students even then, that I thought it was worth trying it out; and since they were so determined, ready, and willing to make the effort, I thought, “If they are, I can too.”

The proof of it was, the Inner Prompting from their own “Presence” was the encouragement needed that We did go on – which has shown, of course, it was well worth it.

You see, until you get a Commanding Power built up by earnest, sincere Students, you cannot tell which way it is going to turn. You cannot depend on it – and knowing how through the past two hundred years I met that so constantly: I would lift up a group of people to a certain point, and in spite of all I could do, down they would go, back into their old vibratory action. Then there was nothing I could do but withdraw, but this is wholly different this time.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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