understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am more than delighted; and oh, this trip has accomplished more than I contemplated when I found you were going to come here. Remember what various ones of Us have said: It is one thing to do a thing when asked, but to do the same thing without being asked is still another thing.  Oh what a wonderful thing, Beloved Ones, to – from that Inner Prompting – want to do the thing that I might ask you to do in case of an emergency. What a wonderful thing it is. I appreciate very greatly your deep feeling of gratitude. I appreciate it very much. It will open doors that you never dreamed were there.

So, let us all go forward tonight so grateful, so happy, so firm, so determined to manifest complete self-control of all feeling activity, that we give all that Life asks in the Harmony of Life to call forth Its complete and mighty Release.

I am very glad, Lotus, that you received the impelling force to stay over until Thursday morning; for it gives the opportunity for continuation of the Work that I am sure will make you all tremendously stronger and more marvelous in every way, in meeting the conditions of the outer world.

I would suggest that those who are largely taking care of the correspondence, to so regulate your time that at least every other day you have two or three hours to get out away from it and take your mind wholly off of it. You will find you will be able to do the work so much more easily and rapidly.

You will do the same work, but don’t allow yourself to be drawn too deeply into the vibratory action of those letters without getting away from it, because the pull is becoming tremendous and you get the full vibratory action of that force in those letters.

So, I urge you, be careful; and don’t feel you are neglecting the work in taking a little extra time – but that will always be; you will never run away from it. Please get this in your feelings because it is important.

Therefore, if you will do this, you will find you will return to the correspondence so much easier and keep yourselves wholly free from the vibratory action that is contained in those letters, because many are written by their own hand and carry a strong vibratory action; therefore, you must protect yourselves against them.

Every letter that comes there, is the Call which the Higher Mental Bodies of the Messengers receive. Now, that Call is always answered, even before the letters reach them. More and more, the Students are learning to call to the Higher Mental Body instead of writing; otherwise, there would be about three times the correspondence as there is today. It is fortunate their attention was called to it, but a great number of the Students are already doing this.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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