understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, when things pour forth so rapidly, the tendency of mankind is to take so much for granted, not being grateful enough to release the powers from within themselves. There is evidence before the whole world today in the activity of the Messengers, that should satisfy the most exacting.

If they would stop to contemplate the enormous amount that has gone forth in the Books and the Magazine, in the perfection of the Illustrations, and the Music that is going forth, and all that kind of thing, which no one can deny is beautiful and magnificent even though not the Perfection that will later follow – still it is so far in advance of the Perfection thus far that anyone with half and eye can see that it is more than human. The rapid activity of the Classes has held the Students in an exalted vibratory action.

Just for a moment contemplate with Me, will you: Suppose the Students – now we will take it after the second Shrine Class – suppose the Messengers had given one Class a year in Los Angeles, one Class a year in some of the northern cities (San Francisco or Seattle), one Class in New York, one Class in Philadelphia, and one Class in Detroit. How many of the Students do you think would have held steadfast to the Light? Just about ten percent of what you have today!

Think of it; but that is why We kept you moving so rapidly from one point to another, to sustain the Vibratory Action that was established there. I can never tell you how deep My Gratitude and that of all the Ascended Ones is, for your willingness to forget yourselves and give that Service, because it has meant the great number.

Remember, out of those six hundred thousand Students that We have referred to today, there are something over four hundred thousand that are I think sufficiently staunch and loyal, that if necessary they would arise as one to your defense. Now, that is something to contemplate. When two people can pour forth in less than four years that Power and Radiance of Divine Love to produce that, then it is something worthwhile considering and contemplating; but this is actually true, physically speaking.

Now then, just contemplate for a few moments what this means to yourselves. I want all the Staff to get this clearly tonight, because the thought of the Students never goes to the Messengers that it does not include the Staff these days. I want you to understand what that means to your assistance in their Call for your Happiness, Blessing, Supply, and Perfection. It should be of the greatest encouragement to each one of you, and the greatest joy. No other group on the face of the Earth has ever had that offered them. Never!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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