understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is wonderful to be happy, a most marvelous thing; and really you have not any of you, I am sure – outside of the Messengers – released such real happiness from within your feeling world as you have done on this trip here. That should be great, great encouragement to all of you. It is really wonderful. You might think that at other times you were happy, but this is a deep Inner Happiness that is magnificent.

Do you know why this seems so much more beautiful to you than ever before? Because, of course, the season is more beautiful; but still the more noticeable change is within yourselves, because there is steadily growing greater and greater harmony, greater and greater self-control and governing power of all energy.

I know words don’t convey it; but if you just really realized how quickly could come the Glories of all your Hearts desire, by complete harmony maintained in your feelings, I am sure there is not one of you that would not do it in spite of anything. We have watched to see the effect of the Ascended Master Light upon individuals, and it is all and more than We hoped for. It is bringing back a confidence in the Dictations.

These vicious, silly reports spread their disintegrating forces so far among mankind, and It is correcting it very rapidly. These individuals who have turned so vicious – it is just because they want to have the freedom without giving obedience; and in most instances it is simply because they do not want to let go of the sex desire. Whenever they do not want to let go of the human sense desires, whatever the source may be, it is because they have not comprehended that in entering into the Light, all the Light holds is given into the use of the individual.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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