understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“And now mind you, in the former ages of Perfection – even great Perfection – this was not done. In those ages it came through purely individual Application, amplified by the Great Ones; but still there was never such a thing known in the history of the Earth as the condition that exists today in the Students’ Work for the Class Work, for the Staff, and all that goes to support the Work. There never was such a thing ever known.

And to have the body of Students (I am referring just now to those I mentioned as dependable, say four hundred thousand) in every Class pouring from all parts of the world their Call to the “Presence” for Light, Divine Love, and Blessings – don’t you see, never in the world was such a thing done!

The thing is, they are doing it joyfully and willingly, although they are not comprehending but a fragment of what this means in their Call; still is it giving Us and all the Great Ones the opportunity for amplification that has been the need throughout the ages.

Question:    They do it because they want to.

Saint Germain:    Exactly. To force somebody to do something, is no good. You might have a temporary result, but it does not remain. Mankind has to do things because they love to; and if they realize their Freedom is coming, then there is the incentive and definite motive for doing something. But unless the Students understand that, they cannot give the willing, joyous Service and still retain within them the reason for doing it.

You see the intellect – oh, not always, but in most instances – has to have before it some more or less “evidence” before it will really let go and give over to the feelings the power that belongs to it. Few are able to say to the intellect: “Now be quiet! Sit down now and behave yourself!”

There are those who can readily do that; but most of the Students cannot say to the intellect: “Stop that! I will have no more of it.” If they could do that, how easy it would make the rest. You see?”

Beloved Saint Germain

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