understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I greet you Beloved Ones, in the fullness of that Joy which has been filling your hearts here; and how much it means to you can be little estimated at this time. If the variety of your conversation is a criterion of those who should talk, we should need a regiment here. However, tonight I trust you will be satisfied with Me. There is so much to be said of this most unusual place.

Since your desire is to know something about the cause of this valley, let us begin by stating that this end of the valley was the end of a branch of the great gas belts, and I mean by that, the upper one.

About the position of the entrance to the tunnel as you drive through, was a place where a small opening from the gas belt beneath came through; but it was small enough that the pressure did not break the formation between the two gas belts, but added enough to this spur to release that terrific power, not of explosion, but of a rending power which lifted and divided the mountain at this point – making this not what you see today, but perhaps the most rugged spot (immediately after its formation) on the face of the Earth. This occurred, well, perhaps I should say was the beginning of the last cataclysm that changed the great surface of the Earth.

Question:    Was the cataclysm twelve thousand years ago?

Saint Germain:    Yes, and during the first 1,200 years after this was made, it remained so tremendously rugged; then it began to fill in. About 4,800 years after that, there was a great tremor, an earthquake through this country which loosened parts of the walls – which you now see as these great boulders in the valley. That which still hung to the walls was loosened and started the greater filling in.

You would be astonished to see how far down these boulders – as you see, on going up to Mirror Lake – filled in underneath where you are. That is nearly one thousand feet underneath where you are – from where the formation began to divide and come up; and the distance was less than half what it is now between the walls.

You can understand then, by the shattering, what it took to fill in that which has widened the space as you see it today. Then the erosion began to wash down and fill in. You will be amazed to learn that at that time, at a depth of approximately four hundred feet beneath you, it opened what really was the mother lode of California.

As I have said once or twice before, engineers and people think they have found the mother lode, but they never have; for this was the only opening, or the opening to the place leading down to it. It did not come to the surface, but was opened.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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